What is Amateur Radio? Well this is a many faceted question/answer. Amateur Radio is many things, it can be the fun of talking to people world wide, or talking to people in countries that do not have many hams (we call this rare DX), talking to your neighbors and friends, making new friends both locally and far away. Public service communications, we help with races (foot and bike), supporting your community with emergency communications. You  can explore new modes of communications or even create one. For the electronic guys you can build your own equipment. So many things that are possible I can’t list them all here. Join the hobby and find out all of what is possible.


Visit my amateur radio video page to see an intro to amateur radio and amateur radio emergency communications.


About me:

I was first licensed in 1985 as KB4TEF. In 1987 I changed my callsign to N4UWX, and in 1989 I upgraded to General. I have been active in ARES since 1987, helping with hurricane Hugo, hurricane Katrina, Hayman Ridge fire (Colorado) and many smaller incidents. In 2003 my wife and I created the  Montezuma Valley Amateur Radio Club (Cortez, Colorado).  In 2004 I was made the Emergency Coordinator and RACES Radio officer for Montezuma County and became the Skywarn Coordinator for the County. In 2006 I was designated at the DEC for COARES District 4. In 2011 I moved to Damascus, Oregon. The Amateur Radio community here is wonderful. I have met some great people, Hal Haynes, KC7ZZB, Don Stettler, KK7TN, Irene Lazzaretto, KF7NKE, Kathleen Resburg, KE7AJH and many many more. I am a volunteer examiner for both the ARRL and W5IY trying to help keep our hobby alive by getting more people licensed. I have worked with scouting and Jamboree on the Air and as a merit badge councilor. I have been a repeater owner and have tried most modes of communications that amateur radio has to offer.